I've been doing business with the Goldman Family for many years and Pasco Iron & Metal since they opened in 2007. I have always been pleased with their service. They have very efficient and prompt pick ups and they always pay quickly and fairly. Another thing I appreciate about them is that anytime I have any questions I can get the owner on the phone immediately. I would strongly recommend Pasco Iron & Metal to any company producing scrap metal.

- Mark C.
Viatek Solutions

I have dealt with Pasco Iron and Metal Recycling for many years now. The number one reason I work with them is the trust factor. I have never had any discrepancies in regards to weights and payments. Their service in very friendly and courteous. Pickups and payments are done very quickly. I would recommend them to any business that recycles scrap. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

- Greg H.
Hoffstetter Tool & Die, Inc.

I recently switched to PIM from Trademark/Scrap-All and have been very pleased with their service. They provide better roll-offs for the yard and small hoppers for inside the shop. We never wait on pick-ups when we call for one, and their driver is very courteous and even helpful (ever hear of that?). Phil gives us much better pricing for our various types of metals and is willing to do whatever we need.

I don't make a habit of referring vendors unless they do an exceptional job and I am confident that they can benefit one of my business partners. With that said, I highly recommend Phil and PIM.

- Jeff C.
Creative Sign Designs

Testimonials 3

As you know sales reps have a penchant for saying yes and making offers while they are standing in front of you and short on delivering once they leave the building. That being said, Phil has been nothing short of phenomenal! He has done everything from solving our needs for containers and locations to always answering my calls and personally picking up some scrap.

I would also like to pass a good word along about Chris our truck driver. Here is a guy that calls me when he is about 5 minutes out so that I have time to get the gate open before he gets here. He always explains which dumpsters he is taking and in what order so that I can make any last minute arrangements. And man can he drive. That guy could park a 10 foot wide dumpster in a 10 foot 4 inch space and have 2 inches on both sides left. Both of these guys have great personalities and are assets to your business. I appreciate everything they have done for us and look forward to dealing with them and you for many more years to come.

- Phil D.
AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc

Testimonials 2

I just wanted to drop you a short letter to let you know how very pleased we are at the City of Lakeland with the service provided by your company.

You may not be aware of the fact that for several years we had been doing business with the same company and had built a very good working relationship with them. The past company was meeting all of our needs and servicing us with no complaints. However, being a government entity we must offer up our need for service by utilizing the sealed bid process on a regular basis. I, the one who deals directly with the company ¬¬during the life of the contract, was extremely reluctant about this because I was happy with who we had and not sure if a reliable company would get the new contract. Of course we did have the right to cancel the contract if service or any number of things did not get met by the new company.

So, the bid went out with the old reliable company not being awarded the contract but, Pasco Iron & Metal got it. This new company that I had no dealings with would be given an opportunity to service the city, which for me meant a new round of headaches. Well, let me say I was completely surprised and have become so relieved that Pasco Iron & Metal did get the contract. The transition from the old vendor to the new was smooth and flawless. Something I hadn’t experience in the past.

Since the beginning of the contract your company and its representatives have been nothing but the best to work with. You have a great representative, Dan Meunier, who regularly checks in with us to make sure our expectations are being met. You have the most courteous and cooperative drivers I have ever met in my 32 plus years dealing with different scrap recycler/dealers, which means a lot to us.

I wanted to pass this on because for many of us we hear about the problems, poor service or uncooperative staff but rarely do we hear about the good when it happens.

I am extremely pleased that the bid process worked and brought you and your company into the light to begin doing business with the city. I hope you find great success in this endeavor and that you and your company with be doing business with the city for years to come.

- Mike P.
City of Lakeland

City of Lakeland

Testimonial 1

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your services, prices and assistance with every challenge we have thrown at you. Your company always provides us with quick pick up when we call and every person from PIM that we have encountered in the past 6 months has been helpful, pleasant and efficient.

Additionally, you should know that at our FY Management Review for 2010 recently, our Controller and President along with the other business unit leaders were pleasantly surprised to see the 45% increase in our scrap income since switching to your company.

We know we can trust that we are being paid for what you pick up because you provide specific and detailed information with our payment and we receive our checks promptly.

This partnership that we are building with you is such a help, as we depend on professional services to provide what we need, when we need it and we are so glad we can count on your employees to give us that!

- Kristi B.
Leader Tech