Retail Clients

Retail Clients - Pasco Iron and Metal

Pasco Iron and Metal is an owner-operated business and we’re very proud to help Central Florida recycle at the household level. Both the public and scrap dealers are a vital part of our business and we rely on you for our success.

Since 2007, we’ve worked hard to offer an efficient system for you to recycle your metal items and make money doing so. We take anything metal like aluminum cans, soup cans, car batteries and other rechargeable batteries, computer boards, old electrical wire, appliances, water heaters, and electric motors.

We also buy useless or obsolete items made of metal, like old silverware, pots and pans, grills, lawnmowers, old sinks and power tools. Anything made of metal. No load is too small, but for your convenience, we encourage you to collect your recyclables until you have a carload or trailer-load, and then bring it to us in exchange for cash.

Pasco Iron and Metal makes it easy for you to help preserve the environment while making some extra money.