PIM Advantage

Pasco Iron & Metal is a full service recycling firm focused on Industrial Recycling. We’ve placed PIM at the forefront of today’s recycling technology and practices to provide our clients with innovative and profitable solutions.

Many factors set us apart from our peers in the industrial recycling industry.

  • First and foremost, we have a collective 100 years+ experience in the Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Industry among our management and ownership.
  • We have a full Fabrication Division to design and manufacture custom containerization systems specifically for your firm’s parameters.
  • We have designed and created custom compactor systems and the scrap delivery mechanism to efficiently convey the material to the compactor.
  • We have designed secure container systems for outdoor storage of high-value scrap material.
  • We have designed custom sized and shaped containerization systems for specific machinery and other functional parameters such as lubricant retrieval.


We have the latest technology in Portable X-ray and Laser Analysis Instrumentation to provide our customers with alloy analysis and verification for specification certification and cataloging inventory.

Universal Recycling Solution:

We have integrated all subdivisions of Industrial Scrap Recycling with general recycling to provide a Universal Recycling Solution for our corporate partners. We can remove all recyclable items from our clients downstream and find markets for these materials; generating original, untapped revenues while decreasing disposal costs with one single operation.

  • LDPE   (Bags and films)
  • HDPE   (Plastic Bottles and other thicker Polyethylene Products)
  • ABS  (Computer Housings)
  • Polypropylene  (Microwavable Food Containers, Flexible Plastics)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper Fiber
  • Rubber Compounds

Mixed Material Granulation and Separation

We can provide mixed material granulation and separation to provide avenues of recycling that were not previously possible and often bring higher returns for our clients’ scrap material.

  • Molding Scrap
  • Out-of-spec Product
  • Over-run Product

End-of-life Reports

We can provide End-of-life Reports for Toxic Material Recycling like Computer Boards, all forms of batteries (NiCd, Li, Ankaline, Lead Acid, etc), Mercury,  Freon, PCBs and CRT Glass (Cathode Ray Tube: Leaded Glass from TV Sets and Computer Monitors.)