Commercial Clients

Commercial Clients - Pasco Iron and Metal

At Pasco Iron & Metal one of our largest recycling opportunities is partnering with our friends in the service and repair industry.

We are conveniently located between I-75 and the Suncoast Parkway. When we designed our facility, our highest concern was making our system easy for our customers to get in and out quickly, so they can get back to work.

We understand that time has great value. So, to help you maximize yours, we offer a wide variety of services:

We are a Full Service Facility: We have personnel, cranes, forklifts and front loaders to assist our customers in off-loading of their scrap materials at our facility. We have state certified scales including a truck scale for your convenience.

We also provide On-Demand Services: We offer timely flatbed truck services for bulky items,s like used heavy equipment, rooftop cooling units, or any other oversized items. We have roll-off container delivery for building demolition and renovations or other similar situations. Call us; no matter what the problem–we have a solution.

Here at Pasco Iron & Metal, we do everything we can do to keep our customers happy. In addition to our quick and friendly service, we ALWAYS pay fair prices for your scrap metal.

Pasco Iron & Metal makes it easy for you to properly dispose of your by-products while making some extra money. We appreciate your business!